Attends and participates in workouts. Can bring a dog to train after meeting dog requirements. The dog evaluation centers around:

  • Temperament

  • Ability to work with humans and other dogs

  • Physical ability



Can participate in any committee except Operations or the Board. Can provide support to dog teams on select missions


  • Attend workouts as a Guest for 3 months.

  • Complete the following NIMS Courses:

    • NIMS IS-700

    • NIMS IS-100

    • NIMS IS-200

  • Obtain a First Aid and CPR Card

  • Submit a copy of your workout attendance, NIMS course results, and First Aid card to the Board along with a brief statement of your intention to become an active member.


Can vote and serve on any committee or the Board. Responds to callouts and participates in searches.


  • Serve as a Probationary Member for at least 9 months.

  • Attend at least 70% of the workouts and regular meetings during probationary period.

  • Submit application to Board along with documentation of workouts attended.

  • A minimum of 2/3 of Voting members must be present to review and vote on the application

  • Continues to participate in 60% of workouts for any 12 month period.