New Member Survey

Before filling out this form, please verify that you meet the Requirements.

Contact Information
Name *
Primary Phone Number *
Primary Phone Number
Date of Birth *
Date of Birth
You should live within a couple hours of Pierce County, Washington
Include additional work numbers, pager information, etc. If you are minor include your parent/guardian's name and number.
Emergency Information
For example: Asthma, allergies, knee injuries, etc. If you need an epipen or inhaler, you need to bring it to workouts!
Emergency Contact *
Emergency Contact
Emergency Contact Number *
Emergency Contact Number
Please add additional contacts or relevant emergency information.
SAR Experience
Please list your first aid certifications along with their expiration dates. One per a line.
Tell us if you are part of any radio groups. If you have a HAM radio certification, please list your license level and call sign.
Please list other SAR groups you have been a member of as well as whether or not you are still an active member. Feel free to include DEM numbers.
General Experience
Please list any dog training experience you have.
For example, club membership (ex: Mountaineers or WAC), how frequently you hike, etc.
List any other skills that may be beneficial to GSSD.
Dog Information
A dog is not required to join our group. Please only fill out this section if you already have a dog you want to use for SAR. All fields are mandatory if you have a dog.
Dog Vaccinations are Current
Please include name, number, and city
Please list your dog's level of training and any title it has received.
List any clubs that you/your dog are a member of.
GSSD Specific
Are you able and willing to meet the GSSD training schedule commitment of two full Saturdays per month in various western Washington locations? *
Do you meet the Minimum Requirements? *
What Required Gear are you missing? *
If you need to borrow stuff before your first workout, let us know. We might be able to let you borrow something.
If there is clothing or something else you would like to borrow, list it here. Include sizes for clothing. Your New Membership contact will reach out to you with details.
What type of car do you have? Searchers need to have cars with decently high clearance that can handle steep, uneven dirt roads in potentially wet or snowy weather.
Request any additional information you need about our group.