Governance & Membership

GSSD operates under the Bylaws of our Articles of Incorporation. Membership, training, deployment, and mission standards and protocols are managed through a set of guidelines and policies that are revised when applicable. 


Our mission as a nonprofit is to provide, as a free public service, trained canines and handlers for search and rescue efforts to visitors and people of Pierce County, and Washington State, in cooperation with local law enforcement, Tribal nations, and other agencies on a twenty-four-hour basis, while providing continuous training and education to our team to ensure a competent, capable, and professional response in times of need.


Promoting the abilities of trained and proven canine search teams as assets to emergency search and rescue operations.


It is our duty to ensure our team is welcoming, supportive, and inclusive to all groups. We will not tolerate or perpetuate discrimination or bullying of any kind internally or externally.  

2024 Board of Officers

President: Jonathan Cirincione

Secretary: Klaudina Pasko

Treasurer: Clinton Howell



There are five classes of membership within GSSD. Membership status impacts a member's ability to vote on GSSD matters. Only Apprentice and Ready Searcher classes in good standing are allowed to vote and considered part of a decision-making quorum: