Equipment Lists

What we provide

GSSD will provide the following items to Guests and Members at workouts and on missions:

** Ready Searchers and high level Apprentices only, not available for Guests/Candidates


Guests are required to have some version of the 10 Essential Systems, plus a little extra for comfort during workouts.  If you are missing gear, let us know in the New Member Survey or via email, and we may be able to let you borrow some stuff. 

Older and/or more durable gear is ideal, your SAR gear will need to survive brambles (bad for rain gear), swamps, and other unpleasant situations.

DO NOT WEAR OR BRING COTTON CLOTHESCotton Kills.  You will be sent home.




Guests are expected to have gear needed for an on-trail hike. Candidates need to start acquiring the gear they would need for off-trail and back-country outings that they would need on a real search.




You are the one carrying your dog's gear.  Search Dogs do not wear packs as it interferes with their job.  

Keep in mind that we sometimes have missions or workouts in environments with ticks.  




Gear is expensive and SAR work can be rough on certain pieces.  Durability and Reliability are important.  We recommend borrowing gear to try it out and then gradually buying your own instead of buying it all at once.  When acquiring gear, check out out Thrift Stores, REI Garage Sales, Craigslist, or Costco.

Remember, you need to carry gear for you, your dog, and the subject(s) you are searching for.

This is still in progress, for now see the Pierce County ESAR Equipment List, but note that GSSD requirements are not identical. 


We have no hard requirements for first aid kit contents.  You can either build your own or purchase a pre-made kit.  Pre-made kits are fine, but you may need to supplement what is included and will need to gradually replace expired things yearly.   The following are suggestions



Recommended seasonal items.  Regardless of season NO COTTON CLOTHING.