Outreach & Public Education

In addition to members of German Shepherd Search Dogs volunteering their time to help locate the lost, we believe in serving our communities in additional ways through outreach and public education opportunities.


GSSD visits schools, scout and day camps, and other youth focused programs to share a little about what it is we do. During these presentations we review and teach some basic safety tips and tailor our content so that our safety messaging is age appropriate. While we cannot guarantee any direct contact with the visiting dogs (petting) as they are working dogs, we can offer an opportunity for participants to hide for us during the demo, we can set up scenarios where the dogs search for small groups of 3-4. Detailed information about demonstrations will be communicated in advance.

Visits may be held virtually via whatever videoconferencing technology your school or organization uses and we can work with you to tailor the presentation based on what your educational needs are or on the theme of your program.

Public Education & Philanthropy

GSSD attends various events in Western Washington that focus on the outdoors or are pet-related to demonstrate just what it is we do when searching for lost people with our canine partners in addition to raising awareness about our organization through personalized visits to thank our corporate sponsors and donors. We have held demonstrations and presentations for audiences of varying sizes both indoors and out and can work with you to meet your philanthropic requirements.

Please reach out to us if you are interested in learning more about our mission and scheduling a visit, presentation, or demonstration.

We are always looking for new areas to train in. If you have land (300+ acres), a building, a campground/conference facility, where we might train in or around Pierce, Thurston, Mason or Kitsap Counties, please reach out to us.