Specialty Disciplines

Human Remains Detection

Human Remains Detection, or HRD, is also a part of airscent in the sense that the dogs are working to locate remains by taking in and processing the air around them. Unlike live-find, the scent changes depending on the stage of decomposition, which is why HRD dogs require specialty training.

HRD Dogs work alongside their handler in close proximity to strategically and systematically search through an area. Trained dogs are capable of disregarding the odor of animal remains and differentiating between a human bone and that of a deer or elk for example. Due to the high level of training required handlers work diligently to maintain their skills.

The use of HRD dogs is varied and can include crime scenes, burned sites, clandestine and historical burials, natural disasters, water recovery and other situations. Handlers and their dogs pursue different avenues for their training through external workshops, seminars and other training opportunities.